1% of your revenue, for 100% of your potential.

Proconsul provides fractional executive strategy and tactical expertise for thriving companies.

Our approach to discovery, planning, and delivery is crafted around the business of structure and relationship, to offer exponential returns, with minimal expense.

Let us think about your business, so you can focus on doing business.

How it works:
We ask questions.
We make suggestions.

You make more money.
You find more time.

Our discovery process typically takes 90 days. Within that time, we will complete a comprehensive review of your business, strategy, and operations, and make recommendations for improvements or opportunities in your practice.

If we both wish to continue the working relationship beyond the initial engagement, one of our team will take a fractional Director, Strategic Initiatives position in your organization.

An outside perspective, with inside motivation.

1% of revenue up to 2x current, then 5%.

If you are currently generating $100k/ month, we receive 1% of monthly revenue up to $200k, and 5% above that.

If you are a startup, we receive 5% of monthly revenue.

If you are facing a crisis, collections, or foreclosure, we will occasionally take on a last resort for 10% of monthly revenue. 

Double your current revenue.

Do you think to yourself:
Why am I so frustrated?
Why is this so hard, why am I struggling?
Why am I spending so much?
Why can’t I increase sales?
This turnover is making me crazy.
Why can’t I get anyone to listen to me?
I wish that…

There is no commitment, contract, or ownership. It is purely profit by performance. Pay as long as you see value in the spend. Stop when you don’t.

Any growth we find above 1% is free cashflow, for you.

If this model truly does not suit your operation, we do offer fee for service options.

Is your business making enough money?

Let us show you how to make more.


Are you excited and happy to work everyday?

Let us show you how to make that happen.

Do you need help with the next step?

That’s what we do.